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Migration Announcements

We are pleased to announce that over the next two months we will be upgrading all web servers on the AV platform to the latest operating systems and hardware. This upgrade will also include a migration to CPanel® for browser-based web site, email and account administration. This transition will be conducted by our support team and will be completed by Friday, December 15th, 2017.

At completion, all managed servers on the AV platform will be running the below configuration:

OS: Linux OS Apache/CentOs 7 - 64Bit
CPanel: Version 66.0.23
PHP: Version 5.6.31
MYSQL: Ver 14.14
Distrib 5.6.37

Migration Schedule Below

10/16/2017 - New IP addresses will be assigned to target servers and individual account data transfers will begin.
(Our support team will install and review individual web sites to ensure that data migration has completed successfully. At the time of review, individual applications which are incompatible with the updated software will be noted and individual account owners will be notified.)

10/23/2017 - New account credentials and login instructions will be sent to account owners.
(All newly created mirror-accounts will be using dedicated IP's and semi-live review/testing can be performed.)

10/30/2017 - DNS will be updated for sites that are fully functional and traffic will be redirected to the new accounts.
(Accounts that are incompatible, or still under-review/repair, will continue to be served from their current server.)

10/31/2017 - 12/14/2017 - Open period for site rebuilds and/or updates.
(During this window, account owners will be able to access both their newly created accounts and their existing ones. Both will be available via dedicated IP access. This will provide the opportunity for individuals running incompatible website applications, or who want to take the opportunity to develop new web sites will have the time window to do so.)

12/15/2017 - Old servers will be unplugged from our network and removed.


Migration Updates

10/16/2017 - Update
Please bookmark this page and check back for migration updates and announcements. Progress and newsworthy information will be updated here.


Support Center Overview
Understanding the technical terms and features of your hosting account is very important to the success of your website. While our trained support staff is ready to help at any time, in many cases a basic overview of the feature is all you'll need to understand the configuration of your site controls and our hosting system.

Control Panel Icon GuideWe offer this area as a place for you to easily access online documentation regarding each tool and component used on our hosting platform. By following the "Support Topic" links on the left, you can access these documents and generally follow the directions needed to configure things on your own. When possible, the corresponding control panel icons will be used to help you identify which area of the control system the topic is referring to.
Getting Started

Getting started with your new web hosting account can seem a little daunting for the beginner. Following this easy to use guide will help you get things setup and running quickly. Guide to Getting Started

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